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Ditch the To Do List and Kick Start your Motivation.

A done list is the opposite of a to-do list. Instead of writing down all of the things you need to accomplish, you write down all of the things you’ve already done.

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Dining out: How to choose what to eat?

1. Firstly, is there something new you could try? 2. Consider what you've eaten in the last two days and don't choose any of these dishes. e.g if you've had a meat or chicken dish then choose a fish or veg dish. 3. If you had a veg cheese dish then choose a veg kebab. 4. Go with the intention of trying something new and switching it up a bit. ⚡Start by making small decisions with intention, purpose and confidence.

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Clothing: How to choose a new jacket?

1. Select a clothing category e.g. dresses, jackets. Pull them all out and make a note of the colours you have and the lengths. 2. If they are all dark, then this means you are looking for a light coloured dresses or jackets. 3. If they are all short, then maybe look at trying different lengths. 4. Book a session with a Personal Shopper; quite often they are free especially in department stores. ⚡Begin to shop with intention, purpose and confidence.

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How To Get a 2nd Date?

This is one of the topics that guys tend to ask me about and it's not rocket science. Just remember that I'm not a relationship coach or matchmaker. 1. Dress like yourself. 2. Look good, feel good. 3. Make the effort. 4. Dress for the occasion. 5. Plan the date. 6. Plan your conversation. 7. Mute your phone. ⚡Doing all of the above shows her that you are really interested and are looking forward to meeting her. Make her feel like she's your priotiry not an aftertouhgt.

Keep your goals to yourself.

Not achieving your goals, then perhaps you need to keep your goals to yourself.

Book Your Early Morning Session Today 20% Off (£40.00)

1. Complete 3 questions; these tell me a little bit about the problem you would like to discuss . 2. Give your contact details. 3. Specify if you would like your session over Zoom (camera On or Off, you choose) or via phone. 4. Select an available date. 5. Read the terms and conditions. 6. Make your payment. ⚡ The sessions are 60mins. The 1st 30mins is your time to talk and the 2nd half of the session is where I ask you questions, give you feedback and suggestions. ⚡ The 1/2 price taster sessions are Wednesday, Friday and Saturday mornings.

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