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The Complaint Crusader

Having a bad experience with a company? I will write a complaint letter/email for you. Are you struggling to address work issues such as bullying from colleagues? I will draft that complaint letter/email. Or perhaps you need to deal with utilities or parking fines? No more stress about writing your own complaint letter! Let me help by writing a professional and effective complaints letter/email for you to get your voice heard.

A Complaint Letter that's just for you.

In my job as a teacher I also took on the role of the union rep who supported and advised teachers with their work issues and grievances. I have also helped friends who want to complain but find that when they write to complain their letter sounds angry or too emotional. I was was surprised when clients started to ask me if I would draft a complaint letter as they were finding it a struggle. So if you think I could help you then get in touch.

A complaint letter/email that you are happy to present.
Option 1
  • I will craft your letter/email
  • I will outline each point clearly and concisely
  • I will choose words carefully - avoid overly emotional language and insults
  • No Revisions/Changes
  • Contact me to learn more
Contact Me
A complaint letter/email that you are happy to present.
Option 2
  • Same as Option 1 Plus
  • Up to 2 Revisions/Changes
  • Contact me to learn more
Contact Me

You will need to provide me some information

1. Who are you complaining to? 2. What is your complaint about? 3. Has this happened before and if yes what action did you take? 4. What evidence do you have? e.g. emails/letters, print outs, dates of telephone calls with the names of who you spoke to, record of meeting, minutes, incident log that you've been keeping. 5. What is the outcome that you hope to achieve?

Complaint Letters/Emails:

I am not a solicitor/lawyer and do not provide legal advice. I help people who find writing difficult and my role is simply to put your grievance and thoughts into writing so that your complaint is clear, without insult and professional.

If you do need legal advice please seek a solicitor/lawyer.


This is not advice, therapy or counselling. These sessions may address specific personal, business, or general conditions in your personal or professional life. As your coach, I will provide suggestions and you agree to be accountable and take responsibility for the decisions and actions you take.

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