Be Bright: A Guide to Revitalising Your Wardrobe

~ Buy less and shop for the clothing you really need with confidence.

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However, sometimes It's not the decision that's the problem, it's more about the how.

And I'm here to help you with the HOW

How to Brighten up your Wardrobe

A Personalised session tailored to help you deal with organising and brightening up your wardrobe or closet.

Your Personalised 1:1 session
  • Via Phone, WhatsApp or Google Meet/Zoom
  • Personalised to meet your individual needs
  • 60min Session
  • Contact me to book your session
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The Truth About Making Decisions

Making decisions is a normal part of life. It can be something as simple as what to have for breakfast, or as complicated as choosing a life-path. Unfortunately, not all decisions are easy. Sometimes we face problems or issues that make the decision even harder. In personal life, we might have to choose between two relationships, or between work and family time. In business, we might have to decide whether to invest in a new project or stick with what we know. No matter what the situation is, making a decision can be difficult. There are a few things that can help us make better decisions: first, we need to be aware of our options. Second, we need to understand the consequences of each choice. And finally, we need to think about what is important to us in this particular situation.

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