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Decision Making and Problem Solving Coach

I have struggled to make some really simple choices; deciding what to eat, which outfits to buy, should I leave my job etc. Yet I can be really good with lots of other decisions e.g. prioritising work tasks, taking action if I feel that I am being mistreated or bullied, meeting new people and taking on new hobbies or activities, being able to say no to people. The decisions that are easy for me to make, are always the ones where my values and beliefs are very clear. I understand what it's like to struggle with making choices but I also know how great it that work and/or move you forward. The important points are to start developing good habits and systems that support and work for you.

No Goals Required

If you don't have a goal, it's not a problem. Not sure what you want to achieve but just have a feeling that you need help, that's great.

Looking for Real Support

I have always been great at generating ideas and suggestions, providing constructive feedback, supporting and encouraging people to make changes and making people look at things with a different lens. I don't get frustrated when you don't know, I just support you until you do.

My Background

I've been a teacher and tutor in FE and Sixth Form college for over 20 years. My main job has always been teacher of communication, but I have taught a variety of other subjects over the years. I was a teacher's Union Rep and believe me, you need to be a good problem solver to do that role. Originally I studied law but changed my mind and went into teaching. Big decision to switch, as I had taken out a loan but I felt it was the best decision for me at the time. I enjoy teaching but I realised that the most important part of my job has always been listening and supporting others with problem solving and helping them make their own decisions.

My Ethos

I believe that being able to make our own decisions gives us a better foundation for a happier life. That just talking to the right person about our struggles can get us on the road to solving those problems and making those decisions. The most important thing that I've learnt over the years is that you can’t solve problems if you don’t talk about them which is why my business is called The Power of Talk.

Thoughtful and Inquisitive

Talk to my friends or work colleagues and they'll tell you, I'm always asking questions; always considering the why; constantly looking at situations from various viewpoints.

Honest and Consistent

Teaching disaffected teenagers is difficult as they have huge barriers to learning and dislike authority. But I’ve always aimed to be one of the adults that they like for being honest, upfront, consistent and genuine. I will continue to be the same with you in our sessions because that’s just me.

Non Judgemental

My students, work colleagues, friends, have always confided in me. They feel that I am a good listener; that I am professional and provide a safe space to talk; they like the questions I ask them and find them really useful. Most of all they like the constructive feedback I give and the fact that they never feel judged.

A plain & simple approach

I’m not as exciting as other coaches, I'm just plain and simple; which means that you won’t see a fancy website, I don’t obsess about achieving goals. However, I will help you to take things a step at a time so that you can make progress; a bit like the hare and the tortoise, it’s a slow race.

Am I the coach for you?

If you’re in a rush, have wonderful goals, know exactly where you’re going and what you’re looking for and you're really just looking for bigger and better, then unfortunately I’m not the coach for you. However, if you're nervous, need to take things slowly, find it difficult to get things done, struggle to understand what you want; don’t have a vision or goal and want change, but just need a little more time to get there; want to learn more about yourself and you're prepared to put in the work then book your session and lets talk.

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